Corporate Social Responsibility

Comply, is a company that values the environment within which it operates, both socially and environmentally, internally promoting a culture of good corporate citizenship across its business operations. We understand how one’s quality of life is intrinsically connected to the social and economic environment and that is why we have continued to commit more and more investment into social projects that will really make a difference to our community. This is an endeavour that is evidenced in several initiatives, some already implemented and others in progress, in addition to our critical role in ensuring the sustainability of the wood industry through reforestation.

Engaging small-holding farmers in the reforestation process.

An essential part of the reforestation process is nurturing young saplings once transferred from the nursery to the forest plantation. Comply has established a fair co-land usage arrangement with the local farmers to utilize the plantation for their own crop growing, integrating the crop with the sapling. This arrangement benefits the development of the sapling as the farmer prepares the land and nurtures both crop and sapling. When the trees have grown to mid-level height the farmer harvests his crop and rotates to another developing plantation. In this way, reforestation works hand in hand with local farmers and does not encroach on land usage for agri-business.

Community development through education.

In 2014, Comply identified a serious need for a secondary school in an area only providing primary level education. This necessitated huge distances of walking to reach the nearest Secondary school for the older children in the area. Comply took the decision to develop the existing primary complex of Arama and add on a secondary school block that could serve the area and enable children access to good education. The Comply Complex wing was inaugurated in 2016 and immediately filled with the first-year intake. Today over 270 secondary level students are enrolled onto Arama High School. Comply has also constructed two classrooms for Kamara Primary School.

Construction of Mogotio Bore-hole.

In the arid expanse of Baringo County of the Great Rift Valley region, lies the small Township of Mogotio. During the long dry season, many of the local water sources dry up forcing the locals to walk long distances to fetch water. Comply decided to step in and help improve the quality of life of the community dwellers through the easy provision of water supplyand drilled a bore-hole in April 2015. The Borehole is housed with power supply to pump the water into a storage tank. it is sustainably managed by the Mogotio Community with leaders elected by the residents. A 20 Litre jerry can of water is provided at a nominal fee of Ksh 3.00 and all proceeds pay for the electricity and Borehole caretaker.

Community Road development.

Comply is committed to the continued development and rehabilitation of the road system in rural areas of Nakuru to improve community productivity in high demand areas. So far, we have completed over 40 kms of earth road by grading, fixing culverts and spreading hardcore on impassable areas Road projects undertaken;