Comply’s Reforestation Program - Keeping Kenya Green

In our pursuit to protect the diverse forests of Kenya, we source our woods primarily from our own forest plantations and have put in place an extensive reforestation program working hand in hand with the Government of Kenya. We have planted over 9,000,000 trees across Nakuru since 2003. Our commitment to reforestation ensures sustainable usage of our wood production requirements.

We employ a dedicated team to manage our nursery, nurturing a variety of trees, including Cypress, Pine and Eucalyptus, from seedling to sapling and transplanting them to large plantations in the region. Once they have reached maturity after a minimum of 20 years, they are cut and replaced with two more seedlings. In, this way, we regenerate the forests whilst reshaping Kenya’s wood processing and furniture industry through the use of sustainably sourced wood materials.

So, when you buy Comply products we are comforted to know you also have a heart for Kenya’s beautiful forests.