Our Ethos

At Comply, we take sustainable wood production seriously. Our business is to manufacture all our wood-based products to meet the highest of standards whilst ensuring the timbers we use are sourced responsibly, and replenished to maintain our green environment. Our commitment to sustainable wood production is reflected in our ever-expanding forest plantations across Nakuru County and our on-going reforestation program partnership with the Government of Kenya.

Comply products are made with a green heart

Our products are manufactured to produce eco-friendly processed wood alternatives to the increasingly rare solid hardwoods. Our wide range of boards are available in various thicknesses and can be cut to meet the exact specifications of our clients, whether for producing furniture or other constructions. These include MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), Particle boards, Blockboards and Plywoods.

The Furniture industry can only have a future by changing the way it utlizes wood. That is why we have developed a multitude of laminated wood-effect, MDF boards utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to give customers the choice and diversity that they demand. MDF is a perfect solution for wood-effect furniture that still provides the strength and durability obtained from solid woods but offers a much wider variety of colours and grains to fit your individual style whether furnishing your home or office or fitting a hotel or restaurant.

Our Quality Assurance.

Comply has built a solid reputation over the years for manufacturing quality, innovative products. This is attributed to the implementation of strict quality control measures put in place starting right from the nursery level, along the entire value chain, to the shop floor and into the hands of our customers.